GOODBYE 2017!!

So 2017… *does a loud sigh* I don’t want to be cliché and start saying how 2017 was the worst best year of my life, or how people betrayed me… (Yada Yada Yada). But I will say this year definitely changed me… A lot Looking back in January I was a whole different person. I […]

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*thinking emoji*

So yesterday was just a normal day for me; Woke up late, forgot to take breakfast(again), rushed to class, barely understood anything, chilled with some friends for a while then rushed to the next class, understood the 2nd lecture better than the first, got into a better mood than earlier , was given tons of […]

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Society huh…  “Don’t you dare change for society” “Society just has a way of judging people for everything” “Just be yourself… But no not like that” “If it wasn’t for society the world would be such a great place to live in” These are all common phrases most of us have heard from a gazillion […]

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Weird title I know right. I’m not a creative person😂 So I’m back again… I know I know, some thought it was a one time thing and I wouldn’t write again. Others are here for the first time and have no idea what I’m talking about😂(thanks for giving that link a chance btw)… But I […]

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Another amazing pic I took with my phone!!!💃💃 “So all I have to do is put a tooth under my bed and the tooth fairy will come?” “well when you put it there you have to put out milk and cookies on the table so that he’s not hungry when he leaves.”   “And where […]

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My First Blog!! 

P. S: I took this picture while seated on the back of a fast moving car after getting 3 hours of sleep and I feel super proud about it 🙂 So guys… Haha as you can probably tell this is my first blog (bet you didn’t see it coming) Well I didn’t see it coming […]

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